Interpreting Construction Law in Texas

Our attorneys at Edmondson Law has an extensive practice of drafting and negotiating construction contracts. They have represented owners, prime contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers in all of the hoard of disputes that can arise on any construction project.

Construction projects are rarely simple. Clients and their contractors find themselves entangled in disagreements that simply cannot be resolved without legal action. If you’re involved in a legal battle related to a construction project, you need competent representation from a lawyer you can trust to put your needs first.

Our attorneys are equipped with the experience and skillfulness to meet the distinct legal challenges of the commercial construction industry.

Edmondson Law, PLLC is ready to advise and assist your company in all phases of the contracting process:

    • Draft and negotiate initial contract documents.
    • Prepare change orders.
    • Resolve project closeouts and post-acceptance disputes.
    • Prepare and file and pursue or defend against mechanic’s/materialman’s liens on commercial projects.
    • Prepare, submit and litigate contract dispute claims.
    • Litigate complex delay claims and claims against Texas governmental entities.
    • Prepare, submit and litigate bond claims on public and private projects in Texas.
  • Prepare contracts, change orders and line/bond releases.

Our thorough understanding of the landscape of commercial construction law in Texas makes us well prepared to play a vital role in the growth of your construction firm.

Mechanic’s Lien

Materialman’s lien, also known as mechanic’s liens, provides a way for contractors to get paid for construction projects when something goes wrong with the process. When contractors, laborers and other suppliers are not getting paid, a mechanic’s lien may be placed on the property through a specific legal process. If a party working on the project has not been paid, he or she can file a mechanic’s lien against the property to help secure debt as well as collect on debt when a property owner has failed to pay bills.

We represent construction contractors and property owners with construction lien disputes in Texas. Our attorneys have the construction law experience to handle complex matters such as mechanic’s liens.

We work with all aspects of a construction project, including claims analysis and preparation, contract termination, mechanic’s liens, and any insurance and surety issues that arise. We are here to also negotiate construction-related agreements and disputes.

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The advice, counsel, and representation from an experienced construction attorney from Edmondson Law are crucial assets to have on your side. Whether you need to keep a construction project moving along effortlessly while avoiding disputes and litigation or, you are already involved in litigation regarding the construction of a residential home, school building, office complex, or church, we can help.